Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome to a place where you are free to dream and explore, write and we embark on the next chapter of the personal book of YOU!
 I have found the more time I devote my energies to creativity and positive thoughts, the more a sort of MAGIC enters my about you?

You know like that wonderful feeling when someone you hadn't thought of in awhile suddenly comes to mind , and just as you are thinking about that person,...the phone rings or , nowadays, text appears with a lovely "how are you doing" from guess who!

 Or just when you needed a solution to some large or small challenge in your life ,all of a sudden someone or something broadcasts that information into your world.... without too much effort on your part at all.

Maybe you just call it "tuned in" ok...but tuned in to what?
I think it is tuned into YOU..I mean the bigger and smarter YOU...the one that really has the answers and the questions and the answers that makes your truer Life come alive. You may be religious, or spiritual or just pragmatic, but it happens to all of us. The Key is often? For some it is very often and others, just rarely. What is the value of this? a sort of intuition or sensing of what IS?

For me, it gives the  awareness of the great Abundance available to us in the Universe.... if we learn how to tap it for ourselves.

I think one of the Keys to increasing this ability to tap into our inner resources is Quieting the Mind..freed of constant chatter, it reverts to a state where the  awareness of the present moment is possible..

there are many ways to accomplish this, and I will be discussing them all!
 as well as linking to current news articles on the power of meditative states of mind....please join in with all your ideas how you can accomplish this in your life now.

I will be presenting  Photographic/ Art Imagery that I believe may help you to arrive at the points of the entry doors...
and shows you how to Be Here Now....

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